We conduct research to help you with your strategic communications campaigns. To that extent, you will find our service offerings differ from that of traditional research firms. Of course, we offer:

  • Multi-modal quantitative public opinion polling

  • Qualitative focus groups

  • Internal audits via one-on-one interviews

We also offer what happens next:

  • Messaging and Narrative Development: Understanding the client’s overarching goals, we take research, frame it in a way that provides the relevant context, and prepare messaging and narrative guidebooks for internal and/or external use. These guidebooks provide an invaluable foundation for further materials and campaign activities.

  • Content for Public Distribution: We write materials with media in mind, including press releases, media advisories, media backgrounders, white papers, or other materials.

  • Media Relations: We identify the journalists who cover your industry or issue area and conduct outreach on your behalf to secure coverage or provide them with your research, which can provide important context to their reporting.

  • Editorial Content: We write op-eds and other opinion-oriented content that has appeared in a variety of top-tier national outlets – just as we have written blog posts and e-newsletter content that can appear on your owned media channels.

  • Internal Documents: Using your research and the insights contained in the accompanying report, we develop talking points, briefing/positioning memos, and other materials for internal use.

  • Legislative Outreach Materials: We can prepare materials to arm your lobbyists and government affairs professionals with the voter opinions that they need to hear.

  • Creative and Advertising: As a subsidiary of a full-service public affairs and advertising agency, The Zoldak Agency, we can take your research right into creative development and media placement. To learn more, click here.

Because of this difference, our research is structured differently from the start. We are closer to the problem you are trying to solve because we know how the campaign needs to be played out.